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When was the last time that you were part of something completely brand new?

Coconut has become a part of many people’s lives due to its many amazing qualities. Coconut water is used by athletes for its exceptional ability to hydrate the human body. Coconut oil helps to keep the skin soft. The lauric acid found within coconut oil helps keep the heart healthy. Now, Cocoze has used coconut fibre to help your feet. The fibre is a natural product that exfoliates the soles of your feet by gently removing the dry, dead skin leaving your feet smoother and more beautiful looking. The exfoliation process also helps to rejuvenate your feet by opening up the pores of your skin to increase blood circulation.

The Cocoze patent pending coconut fibre shoe is one of the “greenest” and most eco-friendly shoes on the market. The focal point in designing the shoe revolves around a foot bed and sole that is made entirely of natural biodegradable coconut fibre combined with natural rubber as the binding agent.  While being mindful of the planet was important to us, being mindful of animals was just as important.  Thus, we ensure that no animal products are used in the production of our shoes.

Our shoes are hand crafted in Thailand.  Being a small company, we chose smaller factories and companies to produce our shoes.  As Cocoze grows, we want our Thai partners to grow along with us.  Standard shoe making technology is not designed to accommodate the texture and tensile strength of coconut fibre. Thus, an extensive amount of skilled hand craftsmanship is required for our shoes. We pay above fair market wage to our Thai workers for the skilled labour necessary to  maintain the high quality standards of our shoe.

Our goal upon arriving in Thailand was to find business partners to make our shoe. Working along side our Thai partners, the partnership was soon  forged into a friendship. Upon leaving Thailand this last time, I realized that our Thai friends had become more like family.  The Thai people often refer to the coconut palm tree as "The Tree of Life" because every part of the tree has a use. That saying rings more true with every pair of shoe that we make. 

I have personally spent many months in Thailand with other Cocoze Team members helping to make these shoes. We have literally put our own “blood, sweat and tears” into these shoes. But more importantly, we all have put our love and passion into these shoes. Making these shoes have been one of the most rewarding experiences in our lives. Each Cocoze Team member has had a very special and unique experience while bringing the Cocoze shoe into this world. You could say Cocoze has exfoliated our souls.

I invite you to try a pair of Cocoze and have it exfoliate your soul.


Pierre Thomson
(Cocoze President)

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