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Not sure about trying out a pair of Cocoze Cocoflops?  Here's what some of our customers are saying about their new Cocoflops.


Great fit for narrow feet, great style, Comfort 

Product: Latte

Posted by Jordan on 26th Jan 2014

Loving them so far. The fit is for narrow feet, which works for me. Stylish design, reasonable price. They feel a bit harsh but not uncomfortable when brand new, but I guess that is the point, I can see how this product will exfoliate my feet skin. I am sure after wearing it a few times, it will be just fine,


Product: Latte

Posted by Pat on 25th Jan 2014

Love, love, love my new (blac) sandals...my size 6 fit like a glove, the soles feel fabulous...can't wait to wear them next week on our south vacation...not only the sandals are amazing, so is the service....everyone should have at least one pair.....these won't be my last.....THANK YOU!!!!


Product: Latte

Posted by Rita on 7th Nov 2013

Received my new Cocoze's and I LOVE them!! They are very comfortable and even nicer then they look on the website. Soft strap and really exfoliate your feet as you walk...will be bringing them with me to Florida in March! I highly recommend these for anyone, what a great concept. Congratulations! Rita

They're great 

Product: Latte

Posted by Karen on 26th Oct 2013

the first day I wore them I noticed a difference. Now I wear them everyday.


Product: Latte

Posted by Unknown on 24th Sep 2013

Once you try these you will be surprised at how they feel and what they do for the bottom of your feet. They really help with the hard dry calluses everytime you wear them. I figured oh yah right. But it does work.

Foot Bliss 

Product: Latte

Posted by Shalla Riemer on 12th Sep 2013

This is my first, and will not be my last, pair of Cocoze Cocoflops. Surprisingly very comfortable, from the moment I put them on i could wear them all day, didn't hurt my feet, in fact they feel awesome! I've worn them every day to work since!

Great Customer Service 

Product: Latte

Posted by Unknown on 11th Sep 2013

I love the flip flops but I have to tell you, their customer service really impressed me. There was a problem with the first pair (it can happen!) and within a day it was resolved and I received another pair without hesitation. I went for a walk in them today and am very impressed with the comfort and fit. Highly recommended.


Product: Sienna

Posted by Duane Hunt on 11th Sep 2013

Always loved flops, worn them for decades. My Cocoze's are the best I have ever owned. Duane Hunt

Comfortable and great service 

Product: Latte

Posted by Unknown on 11th Sep 2013

Thanks for the quick shipping and comfortable shoes! Love the wide straps and find the flpflops very come table!

Good exfoliation! 

Product: Latte

Posted by Unknown on 5th Sep 2013

Have only worn in the house and so far so good however they are a bit on the loose side. Would be nice to have either an adjustable strap or have it at least 1/2 inch shorter, just because I've got long feet it doesn't mean they are wide too : )
Not sure if they'll be an outdoor flipflop because of the looseness but for around the house they'll serve well to keep the soles of my feet feeling quite soft!

More comfortable than the standard flip flop : ) 

Product: Latte

Posted by Unknown on 5th Sep 2013

So far only worn in the house but they are comfortable and didn't take long to get used to the texture, I think the soles of my feet are feeling a bit more smooth : )
The straps could stand to be at least 1/2 inch shorter, those of us with longer feet don't necessarily mean they are wide so they are bit loose and will have to be careful when going for walks outdoors.

Nuts about my new flip flops! 

Product: Latte

Posted by Debb in the OK valley on 5th Sep 2013

I just received my flip flops and my feet are soon happy :) 
It's the end of summer and my feet are looking rough! I should be wearing these new ff's for another month or two & I look fwd to some exfoliating!

They Rock! 

Product: Sienna

Posted by Kent on 5th Sep 2013

I ordered my Cocoze's Sienna flipflops online and got them in less than a week - free shipping as well. :) They fit me perfect - I had no issue with tight straps, but I guess that all depends on the proportions of each individuals feet. I've only had them for a few days, but so far I love them!

love them 

Product: Latte

Posted by Unknown on 3rd Sep 2013

these are the most comfortable flip flops I have bought well worth the money wore them around the house for a little while no taking them on my vacation just love them

Happy Awake and Alive Feet 

Product: Latte

Posted by Bren on 2nd Sep 2013

My feet are cool in these flip-flops and my feet are also warm in these flip-flops. The massage from the coconut fibres must be waking my feet up and getting the circulation going again. I love these flip-flops.


Facebook Posting from: Jaime (August 26, 2013)

Product: Latte

live in california, central california! hot hot hot here! I've been looking for a recovery shoe for after endurance races! did 12 miles about 2 weeks ago, slipped on the cocoze and wow!!!! so I figured eh maybe its my imagination, I wore these in the heat on the soccer field all day for 9 hours! it was hot, my legs hurt, but what I realized was my feet didn't hurt! whereas in the past they did! went to bed, felt my feet and they were smooth, I was like! "what in the world!" normally after a long day outside i have to put on some type of lotion on my feet, I realized I did not need to!
Then the next day I ran 8 miles 100 degree weather, took of my runners, slipped the cocoze on, and bliss! totally took away the warm feeling away after a long hot run on hot pavement!
I think I found my recovery shoes for after my endurance events! and for every day stuff! These Cocoze are amazing, the exfoliate and help your feet breathe after a warm run, im one happy mother runner!

wondering some of us endurance runners use coconut water to hydrate, I wonder if the fibers in these shoes are hydrating the foot? its dry and hot here and I did not get flip flop feet of peeling skin on the feet!??? hmmmmmm can't want to get "a pink" hint hint pair!


Email From: Kevin (February 22, 2013)

Product: Sienna

Hi Cocoze team,
Received my pair today...so cool!  Fit perfect, feel great, look great, can't wait to wear them regularly!  The process from placing the order to receiving them in my mailbox was efficient and seamless!
Are there more colors in the works?  I'm already thinking of my next pair...or two.
Thanks for making such a unique, eco-friendly and comfortable product,


Product: Latte

Posted by Unknown on 30th Jan 2013

love love love this product

So Comfy........ 

Product: Latte

Posted by Unknown on 29th Jan 2013

I love them. I wear them around the house every day. Can't wait to test them out in Cabo san Lucas in April.

The Perfect FlipFlop 

Product: Latte

Posted by Unknown on 27th Jan 2013

This is my second pair of Cocoze. After seeing them on Dragons Den last month I immediately ordered my first pair when it was explained that the coconut fibre kept your feet cool. (nothing worse than sweaty rubber soles). They are awesome! I am a flipflop addict, always looking for the perfect pair, wearing them all year round (in Vancouver). The coconut fibre footbed was what intially interested me, but everything about this flipflop is perfect. I thought that maybe the crepe rubber type sole would be heavy but not at all and it is sturdy enough that you don't feel every little pebble you walk over. They will obviously last for some time. 
The footbed keeps feet cool, and is really soothing. Feels like your feet are being massaged. The straps and toe piece are soft cotton and you don't really even feel them.
Well worth the price. Hope to see even more styles.

So Fun! 

Product: Butterfly

Posted by Unknown on 3rd Dec 2012

I love these sandals! Truly, the best flips I have ever bought, I wish there was a beach closer I could use them at right now!


Sage Review 

Product: Sage

Posted by Unknown on 1st Nov 2012

Since it's winter I use them to wear around the house. Great product!



Product: Sunflower

Posted by Unknown on 29th Oct 2012

woow! Unbelievable but true. Love them already. Great idea.


Comfy and Talk-piece! 

Product: Kootenay

Posted by Unknown on 29th Oct 2012

They're such a different product. People ask them where I got them and what they're made of. And I just wear them to the pool! Wait till summer comes again!


Finally - A whole package flip-flop! 

Product: Autumn

Posted by Pauli Imbesi on 29th Oct 2012

I saw this product on Dragons Den and immediately purchased a pair online. I have always had painful feet and just recently had toe-nail surgery done on both feet. I was constantly soaking my feet and exfoliating with a pumice stone, but with the Cocoze Flip-Flop I no longer have to use a pumice stone. They are very comfortable and seem to massage your feet as you wear them. They are a little heavier than the regular flip-flop but they do everything that they are supposed to. I found them a little pricy at first but they are worth every penny. Awesome product! I will buy them again.


I'm sold on these 

Product: Vanilla

Posted by Barbara Loffredo on 24th Oct 2012

I'm on my feet full time. When I'm not working I want to wash my feet, keep them clean, let them breathe and keep them temperate.

My Cocoflops do that for me. I'm totally satisfied and will be recommending them to people as well as buying them for friends and family. And while a lot of thongs I've tried in the past proved unwearable because the toe piece was too irritating, the Vanilla style was soft and completely wearable.

The only criticism is they feel a bit unfinished, where the latex ends and the top of the sole begins. It gets a bit pokey there too. So, I'd like to see a finished edge there. But, that wouldn't stop me from buying them now.


Happy feet! 

Product: Metro

Posted by Chris on 22nd Oct 2012

My Cocoze have become my favourite go-to footwear when I want to chill out, relax and feel pampered at the same time. They're awesome!


Email From: Christina

Product: Metro

I got my cocoflops!
And they're GREEEAT!
Picked them up after a long day in the city and immediately shed my
rainboots and socks. I can see I will be wearing these around the
house all day and night. They are so comfy, yet invigorating at the
same time. I love the random stitching on the sole and the straps are
actually soft (usually flip flops are not that comfy at first). Also
the little coconut tag details are cute.
Definitely two thumbs up!

Great shoes! 

Product: Vanilla

Posted by Lisa on 21st Oct 2012

actually super comfy shoes and they look great too!!! Who wouldn't want a pair of these!


A new great flip-flop on the market! 

Product: Vanilla

Posted by Tracy on 21st Oct 2012

I recently purchased a pair of these new shoes, they are fantastic! The fit is perfect. I was very pleased that they are as comfortable as they are, for being made of coconut. To soon to tell... but I love these and I am pretty sure they will wear in to be a very comfortable shoe! You will love them!


My new slippers! 

Product: Sunflower

Posted by Michelle on 20th Oct 2012

I am loving my new cocoze flip flops. They are soothing to my feet. After a long day on my feet they are what I crave to put on. I wear them around the house as my new, favourite slippers. I love the look of the recycled denim straps. I ordered my regular size and they fit perfectly. Let me know when you are making shoes - I'm in!