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Why Coconut Fibre?



What is so special about coconut fibre? And why do we use it to make our shoes? Let us tell you:

1) 100% Natural and biodegradable.

Safe for people. Safe for the planet.

2) Sustainable and renewable.

Abundant and accessible. In many coconut growing countries, coconut fibre is considered a waste product. For example, in Sri Lanka, approximately 75% of their coconut fibre is considered waste. Instead of waste, we’ve made shoes.

3) Salt water resistant.

The quality of our shoes will not be affected by salt water or perspiration. The shoe can be rinsed clean and stood out to dry as often as one likes.

4) Anti-bacterial.

Our shoes will stay odor free.

5) Anti-fungal.

Helps fight and heal foot type fungus such as “athlete’s foot”.

6) Low heat conductivity.

Helps regulate the temperature around your feet. In our shoes, your feet stays cool when the weather is hot. But your feet will also stay warm when the weather is cold.

7) Exfoliation property.

A natural product that will gently remove the dry dead skin from your feet leaving them smoother and beautiful looking. The exfoliation process also helps to rejuvenate the feet by opening up the pores of your skin to increase blood circulation.

8) High abrasion and tensile strength.

Coconut fibre is one of the strongest natural fibres that exist, making our shoes extremely durable.

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